Looking for school options near Two Rivers? Our unique location gives parents the choice of having their kids attend local public schools, or a variety of additional options in either Pasco or Hillsborough County. Education comes in various forms, each with its unique approach and philosophy. Check out this list of charter, private, Montessori and public schools in the area.

Charter Schools

Is your child interested in STEM or the arts? A charter school may be a great alternative to the public education system. Charter schools have the freedom to experiment with innovative teaching methods and curriculum designs.

  • Academy of Spectrum Diversity | Zephyrhills: Serves children who have an intellectual or developmental disability

Private Schools

If you’re looking for smaller class sizes, specialized programs such as arts, sciences, or religious education, private school may be best for your student. Private Schools operate independently, allowing them the flexibility to create their own curriculum and educational approach.


Is your child a hands-on, self-directed learner that thrives in an independent learning atmosphere? Montessori schools foster your toddler’s independence and creativity, where they can learn at their own pace and explore their interests.

  • Wesley Chapel Montessori | Wesley Chapel

Public Schools*

Public schools are the backbone of our educational system, offering a diverse and inclusive environment for students of all backgrounds. Below, you’ll see public schools surrounding the Two Rivers community.


  • Chester Taylor Elementary | Zephyrhills
    • Distance from Two Rivers: 8.8 miles
    • Bus pick-up available: Yes
  • Heritage Elementary School | Tampa
    • Distance from Two Rivers: 12.3 miles
    • Bus pick-up available: No


  • R.B. Stewart Middle | Zephyrhills
    • Distance from Two Rivers: 8.6 miles
    • Bus pick-up available: Yes
  • Dr. John Long Middle School | Wesley Chapel
    • Distance from Two Rivers: 13.6 miles
    • Bus pick-up available: No


  • Zephyrhills High School | Zephyrhills
    • Distance from Two Rivers: 9.5 miles
    • Bus pick-up available: Yes
  • Wiregrass Ranch High School | Wesley Chapel
    • Distance from Two Rivers: 13.3 miles
    • Bus pick-up available: No

* If you would like to call Two Rivers home, please check with the local Pasco or Hillsborough County Public Schools to confirm your zone.


The choice of school for your child depends on the needs and values of your family. No matter the path you choose, the goal remains the same: education that nurtures your child’s mind, heart, and dreams is where you want them to be.

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